Leadership and Life Strategies
for Professional Women

Full Circle Institute

Good coaching is good teaching and nothing else.”

Pat Conroy

Personal Programs: Coaching for Individuals

Individual coaching provides direction and support for creating a lifestyle that is as personally fulfilling as it is professionally successful. Individuals like yourself didn't arrive at your position by default, success is important to you. The changes that occur in midlife can be confusing and disruptive. Barbara offers honest, compassionate, fearless and authentic feedback and input that help you to integrate mind, body, and soul. In midlife, you may begin to feel that your life, your interests and your priorities are changing. This process of change ignites fires of self-examination and invites a realignment of thought and action.

Coaching gives you the inspiration, structure, resources and support to identify goals and make changes in your personal and professional life that will allow you to feel a greater sense of fulfillment, self-expression, satisfaction and peace of mind. Being with oneself in a deep way is facing the polarities of one's inner and outer worlds with courage, wisdom, and resolve. Personal integrity in the face of necessary inner change requires clarifying your values, beliefs and convictions. True leadership in your personal and professional life arises from this inner clarity.

Individual coaching may take place on the phone as well as in person at Full Circle Institute's Life Strategy Studio.

What would have to change in order for you to feel completely fulfilled? Take charge, become the "author" of your life and experience increased quality of midlife.

How Individual Coaching Works

Many professional women—attorneys, physicians, dentists, small business owners and executives—choose to hire a coach for themselves. The motivation being to propel their success, increase satisfaction and meaning in their work and create better work/life balance. Having a professional coach is often essential to sustained success and personal fulfillment. Ask any athlete who wants to perform at the top of their game and live life by their own rules as well. They know that having a confidant who will believe in you, support you and push you when necessary is more a requirement than a luxury Individual coaching may take place on the phone from the comfort of your office or home, or in person your office or at Full Circle Institute's Life Strategy Studio. Executive coaching will usually include meetings at your offices with appropriate stakeholders and may include shadow coaching.

After our initial conversation to determine if we are a good fit, we arrange a two-hour foundation meeting during which we lay out the specifics of your professional and/or personal goals. This is the backdrop against which our work will evolve.

We will then meet between 1and 4 times a month for an hour. During our meetings we will use varied but specific approaches and tools to support your progress toward your desired outcomes. Because each individual and her needs are different, there is no one way to approach coaching that works for everyone, however, I use tangible processes and tools to support and guide the coaching. You will leave each meeting with personalized co-created strategies to put into action between our meetings.

Measures of Success of the Coaching Process

The measurements of success of coaching are both external and internal. The external indicators can be seen and measured by both the individual being coached and her environment of peers, co-workers, family members as well as the meeting of personal and professional goals and objectives, The internal indicators include an enhanced feeling of well-being, increased personal and professional satisfaction, increased self-awareness and confidence.

We provide both personal coaching for those of you who are in transition or who want to make some changes in your personal life. And, we provide Professional/Executive Coaching for women who own their own businesses, attorneys, physicians and other professional women.