Leadership and Life Strategies
for Professional Women

Full Circle Institute

Leadership is an act of will. Aspire. Risk. Take action. Inspire.”

Barbara Mark, Ph.D.

The goal of executive coaching is to support and facilitate your professional development as a woman in a position of leadership. It is designed to increase your confidence, to solidify your belief in yourself as a leader, and strengthen your communication. It is inclusive of a focus on personal development, as we believe that the two go hand in hand.

Executive coaching: will help you:

We begin with a meeting with the executive and the stakeholders and determine the scope of the project. We discuss the current challenges and desired goals. We then meet with you, the executive, personally in order to clarify your professional and personal goals for the engagement. This process usually includes some 360 Assessment conversations with superiors, peer and direct reports. The next step is to create a detailed Development Plan inclusive of “the way things are” and the desired end state. Milestones for determining metrics are identified.

We determine the contracting agreements around duration, frequency and fees.

For more information on the personal benefits of Executive Coaching visit here.

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