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Disruptive Leadership

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Disruptive Leadership


Disruptive leadership for IndividualsDisruptive leadership for Individuals

Your personal success as a leader depends on the expertise you bring to the table.

Disruptive Leadership™ is a program designed to give you that extra edge, and help you develop a level of skill that will make you stand out from your peers.

Over the course of the full, six-month program, you will develop critical leadership skills through:

  • practical assignments
  • small-group teamwork
  • in-person coaching
  • peer coaching
  • one-on-one coaching

With weekly meetings, physical and digital curriculum, and coaching, we will address both hard and soft leadership skills, including:

  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • the many ways of leading people
  • how to develop your authority and presence
  • and much more!

DL will give you the tools to make the difference for you, and your career.

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