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Disruptive Leadership


Disruptive leadership for BusinessDisruptive leadership for Business

The Quality of Your Leaders = Your Success

You already have experience with Millennials in your workforce: They are bright and energetic, but they can also be difficult to manage.

What if, instead of just managing your Millennials, you could train them to be the leaders you want?

Dr. Mark, Ph.D, created Disruptive Leadership™ to turn Millennial women into superior leaders, and assure your future, while taking the burden off of your managers and senior level executives.

The program offers what these women need from their work environment, but which their managers are generally ill-equipped, too stressed, and too time-crunched to provide, including lots of structure and feedback, a desire to be heard, challenging assignments, and immediate rewards.

Through in-person group sessions, one-on-one coaching, practical assignments, and smaller, breakout group work, these young women will improve their interpersonal communication and awareness, develop critical thinking, design-thinking, and problem-solving skills, and increase self-reflection.

Program Structure

The program is delivered face-to-face over twelve weeks in cohorts of nine or twelve participants.

A meeting is held each week, providing a community of support and accountability that builds trust, self-confidence, critical thinking and resilience. This is accomplished through professional coaching, training, peer-coaching, social learning, and a dynamic, responsive curriculum.

Customized for Your Company

We will customize Disruptive Leadership™ for your corporate cultural environment and needs through a detailed process of pre-program interviews and discussions.

Distinctive Results

Your young, female leaders will develop a strong corporate loyalty, which will help you to retain them, a keen awareness of themselves and those around them, and will become nimble and responsive to rapid change.

Using our experiential and immersive techniques,
Disruptive Leadership™ will result in highly engaged corporate citizens to keep you competitive.

For more information on how you can get Disruptive Leadership™ customized for your organization, please call (415) 431-9055 or contact us