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Disruptive leadership - Coaching Club Disruptive leadership - Coaching Club

Affordable, Executive Coaching For Young Professional Women

  • Are you a female professional with one to twelve years of experience in the corporate workforce?
  • Are you uncertain how to advance in your career?
  • Are there professional skills you would like to develop?
  • Do you have career, workplace, or personal challenges?

Yes?! Then the Disruptive Leadership Coaching Club™ (DLCC™) is specifically designed for you.

DLCC™ Is Safe, Personal & Professional Development at Low Cost

Our Coaching Club offers personal and professional development in a safe environment at an extraordinarily low cost so that women like you, in the early stages of their careers, can benefit from high-level professional coaching.

DLCC™ Provides Experienced Coaches & Peer Coaching

The Coaching Club features group coaching lead by experienced executive coaches, as well as peer coaching from the other members of your group.

DLCC™ Offers the Support You Need

This exclusive opportunity was created to give you the support you need to take on real-world challenges in the workplace and to develop your skills and self-confidence so that you are positioned to advance in your career.

  • Each coaching group is limited to 18 members to ensure personal attention.
  • Groups are divided into women with 1-5 years of career experience or with 6-12 years of career experience for the most comfortable community experience.
  • Three professional coaches staff each meeting to provide different industry experiences and points of view, offering a broad base of support for the members.
  • High Quality, Low Cost! We want as many women as possible to benefit from this program. The cost of such a group would normally be as high as $1,000 a month. DLCC™ is only $100 per month!

What Happens at a DLCC™ meeting?

While your professional coaches will provide direction and offer insight, the meetings are driven by your concerns, questions, and challenges. Some of the issues discussed may include:

  • Managing the boss/employee relationship
  • Learning how to speak up at meetings
  • Functioning in a team
  • Being taken seriously by superiors and teammates
  • Developing visibility for career advancement
  • Understanding Executive Presence
  • What is a personal "brand"
  • Networking - How, and why
  • Navigating office politics
  • Getting comfortable with being assertive
  • How to contribute innovative ideas
  • And whatever else you want to discuss!

You'll also experience the rewards of having a community of women at about the same stage in their careers for support, insight, friendship and more.

DLCC™ Details & Membership

DLCC-1 is for women with 1-5 years of experience.
DLCC-2 is for women with 6-12 years of experience.

Each group runs for six months with 12 sessions. Each meeting lasts for two hours.

Request a DLCC group! Email us and let us know where you are, and let other women in your region know about DLCC. Once there are enough women to form a group, we'll get DLCC going in your area.

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