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However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Personal Programs: Cut To The Chase - 90 Day Program

Cut To The Chase

What do you want to be able to say about yourself in 90 days that you can't say now?

Cut to the Chase™ is for the individual wants to unequivocally achieve very specific goals in a short period of time.

In 90 days you will:

Barbara developed this program in response to the needs of her clients who want a high level of service and who want to have a clear, time-limited focus on very specific and important goals.

It's not for everyone. But if you ache to go the distance, and finish first in every sense - competitively, mentally, and emotionally - then you need to Cut to the Chase™.

How Cut to the Chase™ Works

We start with an one or two meetings to identify and clarify your goals and define your Finish Line. This meeting may take place in person or on the phone. During these foundational meetings we will get very specific about what it is that you want to accomplish in the 90 days.

Then we will get down to brass tacks about making your goals reasonable and breaking them down into clear steps. We will clearly assess the level of your commitment, explore what skills you may need to acquire in order to insure your success, who else will be in your corner supporting your success and what changes you may need to make in order to accommodate the extra focus on your Cut to the Chase goals.

The rest of the program is primarily delivered over the phone. I take all of your contact information, office phone, home phone, cell-phone and email. I will initiate contact with you on a daily basis, five days a week at a mutually agreed upon time, to monitor, to support and motivate your progress.

You and I will design the contact style that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. If I cannot find you at any of your numbers, you will need to contact me. Our daily conversation will be about 15 minutes long. You may also send email updates regarding successes and challenges at any time during the 90 days.