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Personal Programs: A Time of My Own™ - For Individuals

An exclusive opportunity for women in the prime of their lives.

Your work begins with an in-depth discovery session during which you and your coach will explore what drives you, what energizes you, what makes you feel fulfilled, and what limits or concerns you. You and your coach will define your priorities for your work together and establish the metrics for your progress and success.

From then on you will set the week-by-week agenda. Your coach will offer focus, structure, insight and support. The timing and duration of meetings will be set to suit your individual requirements and natural pace.

Most clients choose to meet in the Full Circle Institute office to ensure privacy and confidentiality as well as providing an inviting environment away from the familiar surroundings of your usual settings. This opens your mind and heart to novel ways to seeing things. It also provides the option for certain experiential exercises given the resources available at Full Circle.

A Time of My Own - Individual

You and your coach my also arrange meetings in unique places such as walks on the beach, a hike, or a trip to a museum offering the opportunity to access different aspects of self and environment.

For those who are out of the San Francisco area, you have the option of working on the phone supplemented with in person meetings when possible. (The initial meeting is best done in person and would be a half-day meeting.)

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