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Getting Where You're Going!

In February of 2005, I was sitting in my office thinking, "Hmm - this doesn't feel right any more."

I wasn't exactly sure in that moment what didn't feel right, but it was the beginning of a shift for me. As I had free moments in my day, I revisited that feeling, asking myself to get clearer about what needed to change. I realized that I felt constrained in the space, almost claustrophobic. I wanted to be able to offer more for my clients in a bigger setting - to offer more of what I love to do, in the way that I wanted to do it. It started me on my current journey.

I truly believe that setting an intention creates our way forward and right then and there I set the intention to open my new Life Strategy Studio. I was able to see what I wanted in my mind's eye, to feel it in my body, and to embrace it in my heart. It was big, it was bold, and it was colorful! In a few months it was a reality.

Ask yourself, "Where in my life am I feeling constrained or out of alignment?" What would you like to be doing differently that would make a big difference in your life or in the lives of others, or in the world? What might you do that could be big, bold - colorful? Take a few quiet moments in your day and ask yourself to see what inklings you become aware of.

Sometimes, a small shift can make all the difference in the world in terms of the direction we end up going in. What direction do you want to go in? What direction do you want your family life to go in? What direction do want your professional life to go in? Start with that little inkling, that little inspiration and then let the passion grow. Say "yes" to that inspiration and turn it into a course of action that makes your dream come true.

From this place of inspiration and vision you then can create goals: goals that are specific and achievable. This becomes the starting point of your plan of action.

Taking charge in this way takes courage and it gives you great rewards. Take charge of the direction you are going in and get where you want to go. Find the courage to listen to your own true voice, let yourself live by your values, find your path to happiness and fulfillment. Talk with likeminded women. Enjoy your connections and make new ones. It all starts with making a commitment to yourself.