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We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.”

Edward R. Murrow

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DL-Intel On Hiatus

The DL-Intel group is on hiatus for the summer months, and we plan to resume in the Fall. We'll be posting new meeting dates here, so bookmark this page and check back!

DL-Intel: First Meeting Scheduled

Date: May 20th
Time: 5:45 pm
Location: Full Circle Institute

You can find more information and RSVP on our Meetup page.

I look forward to disrupting conventional leadership with all of you, and creating a new leadership model that works for everyone!

Let's hack leadership!

Full Circle Institute is creating an interactive group called DL-Intel™ – Disruptive Leadership Intelligence™.

Are you ready to challenge the current, conventional leadership models?

DL-Intel™, an exciting new think-tank / meet-up / salon / leadership-hack-a-thon group, will provide a forum for Millennial women and men to share ideas, create, innovate, and design the leadership of the future.

The process has already begun, as organizations are starting to explore the need to create more horizontal and collaborative workplaces, but I want to take this a step further, faster. I believe that Millennials are the ones who have the desire and the power to change the nature of leadership in America, and around the world.

Group of business people with woman looking at camera

What will the structure of corporations be in the future? How will you affect this structure?

Join me, and let's disrupt the conventional leadership. Let's hack leadership. Let's create a new leadership model that works for everyone!

Stay tuned for more information on meeting times, and for your invitation to join.