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Full Circle Institute

Pat Walker

Cultural Explorer

With Barbara's guidance and coaching I have set out on a whole new path. I feel energized, happy, and more alive that I have in a long time.

For many years I owned a small and successful rep firm and sold ad space for trade magazines in the aviation and aerospace fields. I thrived in this business and had been really happy. I was able to travel all over the world and meet interesting people. Then about two years ago something shifted. I would wake up feeling anxious and stressed to the max. I hated to get out of bed and face the day. I felt unhappy and totally unmotivated. Sales were slipping.

A friend suggested that I try a business coach to see if I could breathe new life into my business. I had read about Barbara and called her. From the very first appointment I was confronting the problems and issues in my business life and I was making immediate changes. But then a startling thing happened. I realized that I was tired of the business I was in, having weathered all the changes in the industry over the past five years, and wanted to do something completely different. Something fun.

At the ripe old age of 57, I discovered that I really wanted to organize cultural tours into Southern Africa. For 10 years I had traveled into Southern Africa on business and had fallen in love with the peoples and the cultures of these amazing countries. I felt I had a unique perspective I could share with others. At face value - this was a pretty big switch and at first I was not at all convinced that I could do it. In fact, I was convinced that I was totally crazy and would never be able to do it. Plus I was scared to death.

Barbara gently, but firmly, guided me forward - through goal setting, affirmations, actions, and accountability. She even made the horrible ordeal of formulating a business plan fun. The One Page Business Plan book she suggested, was a joy to work through for me. There were times I often felt elated and gung-ho but there were also times I would feel down and unmotivated and Barbara would send me a motivating quote or give me a quick call. I always knew there was someone there supporting me, urging me forward, and I was not alone.

I was amazed that my friends and colleagues supported this change with a "go for it"attitude. Little by little my new business took shape. I would run into people in elevators, or sit by people on airplanes, who gave me ideas and suggestions, even offered contacts. I got invited to conferences and seminars where I would "magically" meet someone who propelled my new business forward. Most people, I found, were eager to help me.

Now as I write this, I am getting ready to run my first tour - a road trip across South Africa. I am also in the process of putting together a high-end flying tour in Angola. Two years ago I would never have thought this possible. It was just a fantasy I had. Well, fantasy has now become reality.

Barbara has been more than a coach. She has been an inspiration. I always look forward to our meetings - where I can share my successes, voice my frustrations, and reconnect with my goals - and keep moving along this exciting and fun new path.

Thanks, Barbara!