Leadership and Life Strategies
for Professional Women

Full Circle Institute

Lotta Alsen

Entrepreneur, Coach & Yoga instructor

Barbara is magic incarnated. She holds a sacred space for you where can grow further than you ever imagined, and she helps you do it in a way that is both daringly playful and deadly serious. Being an A-type personality with a lot of ambitions, I was frustrated at first when she didn't push me in a way that I expected. I thought I needed a stern coach to take the reins of my life.

After a short time I started realizing that Barbara's style was much more effective. It forces you to reconnect with your own passions and desires, and to hold yourself to a much higher standard, aligned with your own integrity. And in this area she holds a firm line.

Today I can truly say that Barbara has changed my life, and allowed me to flourish, as an entrepreneur, coach, yogi, and as a woman.I'm forever grateful for the tremendous work she does, and for setting an example herself by proving that you can live a magical life.