Inspiring Women's Leadership

May 4, 2014
by BarbaraM

I’ve Seen the Future….

The business world as we know it was started by men. They started the companies, had the authority, and created a world and a culture that was comfortable for them, and worBusiness woman working with a holographic computerked, mostly. The overall method was “command and control,” borrowed from military experience.

When women started to enter the workforce in larger numbers in the 1970s, they followed the old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and adapted to the male culture and hierarchy. Or tried to. They adopted more masculine styles of dress. They developed a style of professional presence modeled after men. They assumed that leadership had to be based in the male tradition that rewards competition, criticism and negative reinforcement, so emphasized those traits in themselves. Of course, men also had wives at home to raise the children and maintain the household. The best working women could do was babysitters and nannies, if they had the resources. Continue Reading →

March 26, 2014
by BarbaraM

Millennials For Change

The game is changing.

Change bowling ball knocking down "same" pins We’ve all seen the data:

  • By 2020 75% of the workforce will be made up of Millennials.
  • 40% of the Baby Boomer workforce will be gone in the next decade.
  • Gen X women are leaving corporations to consult or create start-ups.
  • 59% of the businesses started in the US are started by women – 1.5% higher than the national average.
  • Women control $14 trillion in assets.
  • In the next 10-30 years there will be 0% – that is zero – ethnic minorities in the US. We will become the true melting pot that we started out to be as a nation. Continue Reading →

December 19, 2013
by BarbaraM

Goodbye & Thank You, 2013. Hello & Welcome, 2014!


How has 2013 been for you? It has been a fantastic year at Full Circle Institute!

And it has been a year of positive change for women in leadership, too, with several trends on the upswing, including:

  • a significant increase in the volume of women’s voices across the globe
  • more women in leadership
  • lots more men expressing a commitment to advancing women in the workplace
  • a focus on how women are represented in the media
  • more Millennial women expressing their passion for being the change they want to see in the world

At Full Circle InstituteTM, four years of research deep into the hearts, minds, and lives of Millennial women has resulted in the launch of Disruptive LeadershipTM – a unique professional development program for young career women. In the spring of 2014, it will be open for enrollment for individuals, and will be rolled out within selected progressive corporations. Uber exciting!

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October 5, 2013
by BarbaraM

Oh, What’s the Matter With Kids Today?

Some of you will recognize that as a lyric from a song in an early 1960’s musical Bye, Bye, Birdie. This is about the kids in my generation. The kids of every generation have been criticized by their elders. The poor flappers in the 20’s; have you heard about what was said about them?!

And, have you read what is being said about the Millennials? Yikes! You’d think they are the worst generation to date. Sure, there are good kids and not so good kids of every generation. There are kids that validate the stereotypes. There are kids who contradict those same stereotypes. There are kids that grow up in circumstances that make it hard for them to be able to move forward easily in their lives. There are kids that experience privilege and all kinds of opportunities and that can bring its own kind of pressure.

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September 5, 2012
by BarbaraM

If Women’s Focus on Family & Relationships Distracts Them From Their Career…What Distracts Men?

IMG_0124A few months ago I did a speaking engagement for some Kellogg Alums and current students. The talk was about women in leadership and having an impact on the innovation of leadership and business paradigms. One of the things that we spoke about was one of the old and still operating gender biases that keep people from fully embracing women as strong and effective leaders. That would be that some women are mothers, all women are daughters, many women are in relationships and all of these roles are ones that are important to women and can sometimes distract them from their work at “work” and vice versa.

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