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offendedOr Barbara’s Manifesto

When I was in third grade and at the age of nine I learned that women in the United States had not gotten the vote until 1920. That offended my little nine year old mind.

As a result of that early experience, I made a decision to support the advancement of women in whatever ways that I could. I was on a mission. My career has been spent providing support, professional development and career development for women.

As an activist, I have contributed and continue to contribute as a volunteer to many grass roots efforts to support many different communities of women.

However, I have chosen to work professionally with women in the business/corporate arena because of the impact and influence that business leverages in the world. Business, in large part, controls politics and policy. I want to see more women at the decision making leadership tables of those businesses whether as executives or board members. I believe in disrupting the status quo.

I believe that we are at a critical point in organizational development and that women and feminine leadership styles in general, used by women or men, are going to heavily influence this development.

This, in turn, influences my personal and professional drive on a cognitive and a spiritual level.

For the past many years I have been providing executive coaching to senior women leaders and have helped them become more confident about who they are and what they want. They become better at stress management, better at clear communication and better at creating and sustaining visibility that supports their career movement. They become better leaders.

I began to see that if these women had received professional coaching earlier in their careers, they would, at this point, be more confident, less stressed and further along in their self-awareness, their careers, and their leadership.

Because of this observation and the profound lack of progress in the advancement of women into leadership positions, I decided that I want, and need, to support young women at the beginning of their careers and that I will do that by providing professional development and executive coaching for young women at a price that they can afford.

I still believe in disrupting the status quo.

I am still on a mission, and I am passionate about it.

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