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Stop Telling Women What They CAN’T Do


canWe Have to Stop Telling Women What They Can’t Do.

Am I the only one tired of hearing the endless debates about whether or not women can “have it all, “ whatever that means?

Or, why women are not advancing into leadership positions and what they should be doing instead of what they are doing now (like it’s all their fault)?

We have been telling women that they can’t have a career and a family. We have been telling them that they can’t be good mothers if they don’t stay home with their children. We have been telling women that they don’t know their own hearts and minds and are not capable of deciding what is best for themselves.

Let’s acknowledge that women bring value, and amazing skills, to the workplace. Let’s also acknowledge that over the next ten years, as many as 1 billion women will be bringing those skills into the global workforce.

Some of these women will be mothers and some won’t.

Some will want to be CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and some won’t.

Some will take time off from their careers and some won’t.

Many more Dads will be spending more time with their children (if they have them) and in some families the woman will be the primary breadwinner and in some families she won’t.

This is an evolution that is inevitable and everyone will benefit from it.

Benefits of This (R)Evolution

Here are just a few of them:

  1. Healthier economies all over the world. For example, recent data shows that when the labor force participation rates are equal for women and men, by 2030 the US GDP will grow by 10%, 16.5% in the CzechRepublic, 19% in Japan, and 12% across OECD countries.
  2. Respect & inclusion.  A corporate culture that respects the needs of all individuals with regards to the contributions they are capable of making and the life balance that both women and men want.
  3. Leadership for all. A more balanced and embracing leadership style that supports bringing out the best in everyone and allows for good works as well as profits.
  4. Healthier families and communities all over the world.

It benefits everyone to continue welcome women into the workforce and support their advancement into leadership positions. If you have not read the research about the positive financial impact on companies that have three or more women on their boards and parity in the C-suites, you might want to go take a look at the half a dozen or more studies that have been done.

The Future of Work

We need to make these women feel welcome. We also need to provide the training and coaching that ensures they get up to speed as soon after their entry into the workforce as possible.

Young women will be stepping into leadership positions faster than at any other time in history. Why? Because by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials and 50% of those Millennials will be women.

Let’s get ready for that by telling women what they CAN do.

My most recent contribution to that support is the Disruptive Leadership Coaching Club.

What are your suggestions for including women in the workforce?

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