Leadership and Life Strategies
for Professional Women

Full Circle Institute

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.”

Diane Mariechild

About Full Circle

Full Circle Institute specializes in supporting women in becoming high performance female leaders. Our expertise in working with female leaders enables female executives to get objective, accurate, insightful and empowering feedback about their performance as a leader. We make it possible for women to clearly understand the internal as well as the external obstacles that women face in leadership and to become a successful leader who is personally and professionally fulfilled.

Full Circle Institute's Mission Statement

Changing the face of corporate America one woman at a time.

Full Circle Institute's Vision

It is Full Circle Institute's vision to see the number of women in the leadership positions in all levels of corporate leadership increase to 50% by 2030. We believe that with the transition in leadership that will happen as our country ages and our younger generations populate the workforce, we will see a stronger representation of female leaders. Both women and men will support this new balance in leadership and we will work together as a team to create a better and sustainable world.

A woman is the full circle.
A woman is the full circle.

Why "me time"?

Truly powerful, inspiring and influential leaders are authentic people. In order to maintain a high level of authenticity on a continual basis, one must actively pursue an on-going process of personal development and engaged self-awareness.

Additionally, stepping up to the demand of a senior executive role requires a regimen of self-care that supports high-level performance on a consistent basis. Exercise, eating well, and negotiating necessary personal down time are all part of the energy management package that assures individual success, a high level of contribution, and personal and professional satisfaction.

In order to ensure personal and professional satisfaction and success you need "me time".